This quest series, introduced in 2016, is for the (then) ultimate augmentation (ear-only)!


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This aug is a reward / trophy for truly accomplished characters (no entitlements allowed with this one, such as access by merit or recognition of by-pass flags, etc.).

This quest set  is a trade skill based series.

NOTE: In the below walk through, when mentioning the basic or common trade skills, it means: Baking, Brewing, Fishing, Fletching, Jewelry, Pottery, Research, Smithing & Tailoring.

It was only in more recent times that Research was granted to all character classes.

Fishing, unlike other skills, has no trade skill trophy and maxes out at 200 (before AA's are purchased).

The "specialty" skills... Alchemy, Poison Making & Tinkering... can only be accomplished by (in order) Shamans, Rogues and Gnomes. These do come into play, but don't fret if you aren't a class or race that can do them.

This outline is written from the perspective of a Half Elf Paladin.

It is also written as if you are starting from scratch... from zero to hero in fifteen (15) phases!

Keeping that in mind, you can skip over what you have already done or whatever does not apply to your class.




AID GRIMEL          SKILLS TO 250          ERON'S JEWELRY          FISHING 200          SKILLS 300



STATUS: Completed and verified!



1) SKILLS TO 50: Get all of your basic (common) skills to at least Level 50.

The best way to do this is in the Abysmal Sea, by way of the free quests given by the NPC's for each skill.

Not only are these quests free (you buy nothing, every thing is given to you), but the completion of each one will get you to a skill of 54 and allow (flag) you to be able to refine Gates of Discord raw materials.

The free quests in Crescent Reach do not flag you to be able to refine Gates of Discord, so 100% do this in Abysmal Sea!

Some of these refined raw materials are needed in this quest series, plus they can often provide an alternative, if not cheaper, skill up path.

To do this, simply go to Abysmal Sea and find the trade skill vendors, hail them, follow along and get to work.

-- If you are not flagged to use the Wayfarer Magus NPC's, you can find a walk-through here.

-- There is no Fishing freebie quest. Just fish. Anywhere.

-- On a side note, there is no freebie Research quest in Abysmal Sea. For that one, you will need to go to Crescent Reach.

-- There are freebie quests for Alchemy, Poisonmaking & Tinkering as well. These three skills are not universal, so they are not technically needed. However, if you are a class or character type that has one or more of these skills... you should do them. It has been reported to me that the recipes for these skills also help improve the Artisans Prize. These skills are needed to create the tradable Artisan Seal that is needed later on.

Related Achievements: Alchemy (5); Baking (50); Blacksmithing (50); Brewing (50); Fishing (50); Fletching (50); Jewelcrafting (50); Poisonmaking (5); Pottery (50); Research (50); Tailoring (50); Tinkering (50).


2) ACQUIRE TRADE SKILL TROPHIES: Once your trade skills are at level 54, you can pursue the trade skill trophy quest / task for each skill.

It is absolutely, 100% the best thing to get these trophies right away, as they will evolve as you skill up. Additionally, the quests to get the trophies are also easier to accomplish at lower levels.

If your skill is already at higher levels and you never got your trophy, you will just have to do the higher level quests for the trophy. The highest level of trophy you can acquire in this manner is the "master" trophy for each skill (Level 6 of 7). You will still have to evolve the trophy to Level 7.

--You can find a very generic trophy quest(s) walk-through here.


3) EARRING OF THE SOLSTICE: You must have obtained (and still possess) the Earring of the Solstice.

If you did not do this, then go get one. If you no longer have it, then get it again.

-- How to do this, is outlined here.

Related Achievement: Earring of the Solstice.


4) FLAGGING: Proper flagging with the Planes of Power expansion will now come into play.

While you may be able to enter all of the zones, Aid Grimel will not give you his quests without proper and progressive flagging up to the Elemental Planes (see Step 6).

You need to be properly flagged through the elemental planes.

-- For a guide on this flagging, click here.

Related Achievements: Conqueror of Doomfire, the Burning Lands; Conqueror of Drunder, the Fortress of Zek; Conqueror of The Halls of Honor; Conqueror of the Lair of Terris Thule; Conqueror of The Plane of Disease; Conqueror of The Plane of Innovation; Conqueror of the Plane of Justice; Conqueror of The Plane of Nightmare; Conqueror of The Plane of Storms; Conqueror of The Plane of Valor; Conqueror of The Ruins of Lxanvom; Conqueror of Solusek's Ro Tower; Conqueror of The Temple of Marr; Conqueror of the Bastion of Thunder; Conqueror of Torment, the Plane of Pain.


5) SKILLS TO 220: If you haven't already done so, you now need to get all of your basic skills up to 220.

Aid Grimel (see Step 6) will not give you his quests, unless you do.

Don't forget to equip your applicable trophy!

To go past 200 in the basic skills, you need to have purchased all six (6) levels of the AA called "New Tanaan Crafting Mastery."

If you have not already done so, it would also be worthwhile to also purchase all the other trade skill based AA's, as they can reduce your combine failure rate, allow you to forage for needs and increase your chances of recovering components from failed combines.

Nothing is more aggravating than failing a combine and losing a key component that you will then have to re-acquire.

These AA's are: Blacksmithing Mastery (3 levels); Brewing Mastery (3 levels); Fletching Mastery (3 levels); Forage (1 level -- if you are a foraging class, then get all your forage related AA's); Jewel Craft Mastery (3 levels); Pottery Mastery (3 levels); Salvage (6 levels); and Tailoring Mastery (3 levels).

-- Some ideas for skill paths are outlined here.

Related Achievements: Baking (200); Brewing (200); Fletching (200); Jewelcrafting (200); Pottery (200); Smithing (200); Tailoring (200).


6) AID GRIMEL: You must have completed and still possess the Signet of the Arcane (or the Signet of Might).

If you did not do this, then go get one. If you no longer have it, then get it again.

This trade skill based set is better known as the Aid Grimel series.

You need to be at least Level 60, have a skill of 220 and have proper Planes of Power progression (through the elemental planes) to get the quests.

-- Planar Progression is outlined here.

-- Aid Grimel Quest series is outlined here.

Related Achievements: Signet of the Arcane


7) SKILLS TO 250: If you have not already done so, you now need to get your skills to 250.

Eron (see Step 8) will not give you his quests until you do!

Don't forget to equip your applicable trophy!

Related Achievements: Baking (250); Brewing (250); Fletching (250); Jewelcrafting (250); Pottery (250); Smithing (250); Tailoring (250).


8) ERON NURWISTLE: You must have completed and still posses Eron's Jewelry.

This is another trade skill based quest series.

This quest series requires that you are at least Level 75 and have a base skill of 250 in each of the basic (common) trade skills (except Fishing & Research).

-- You can find a walk-through for this quest series, here.

Related Achievements: Eron's Jewelry


9) FISHING 200: Time to go Fishing!

Fishing maxes out at 200.

Fishing is best done by, well, fishing! You will need poles and a lot of bait. It is the cheapest and easiest skill to max out, by far.

Two things that will be of great benefit to you, would be to fish in areas where you can catch tradeskill fish that you can use later (See Step 10 & 14).

There are items that will come in quite handy with Fishing, saving you the need to ever buy bait or a pole ever again.

-- One is the Fisherman's Companion (click here for details), that you can use (click) to summon a Brell's Fishin' Pole. The Brell's Fishin' Pole can also be used (click) to summon Summoned: Ale (while you can work on alcohol tolerance while fishing, I don't recommend it as once you get drunk and start sliding around it can interfere with your fishing).

-- The other item is the Hargar Brand Fishing Pail (click here for details). It can be used (click) to summon Hargar's Special Bait, to fish with. 

-- However, Hargar only shows up during Frostfell. So, if you need another option, you might contact a Tinkerer to make you an Anziok's Bait Dispenser (combine most any fish type inside it to make bait) (this device does require a bag slot to use it).

Related Achievements: Fishing (200)


10) SPECIALTY SKILLS TO 300: Go ahead and get your specialty skills maxed out, if you have any.

Don't forget to equip your applicable trophy!

-- These skills... Alchemy, Poisonmaking & Tinkering... are NOT required to max out the Artisan's Prize, but reports are that  they do count!

-- These skills are required to make the Artisan Seals you will need later! So, you may as well make them yourself, if you can!

-- You can skip this step if you desire. The Artisan Seals can be acquired from other players.

Related Achievements: Alchemy (300); Poisonmaking (300); Tinkering(300).


11) SKILLS TO 300: Now it's time to get all of your skills to 300 (with no exception... maxing the Artisan's Prize will require skill levels near 350 in all skills).

Some skills are easier to get to 300 than others (drops are more available), and some are cheaper than others, as well.

-- The only skills not required for maxing the stats of the Artisan's Prize are Alchemy, Poisonmaking & Tinkering.

-- Some ideas for skill paths are outlined here.

Related Achievements: Baking (300); Brewing (300); Fletching (300); Jewelcrafting (300); Pottery (300); Research (300); Smithing (300); Tailoring (300).


12) TROPHIES TO LEVEL 7: Now that your skills are maxed out, your trophies should all be at Level 6 of 7.

Now it is time to get them to Level 7!

Don't forget to equip your applicable trophy every time you do combines of any trivial level!

To get them to Level 7 of 7, you need to do about 1,000 more combines that are above you current trivial level (no joke). 

I would suggest the same combines you were doing to max out your skill in Step 10.


13) ACHIEVEMENT: THE ARTISAN'S WARES: This is not a task as you may be accustomed to (there is no task window). It is an old school quest.

You can go talk to Lebounde Ab Dolmen (Level 109) in Halas first -- if you like -- but it is not necessary. You can simply gather up the items you need and then go see him. 

-- The achievement unlocks Lebounde ab Dolmen, so that he will offer you other tasks.

-- Having full Planar Progression (proper access to Plane of Time) is beneficial, so you will not need any help getting to one of the items you need.

-- Planar Progression is outlined here.

To do this, you simply need to go pick up sixteen (16) ground spawns, as follows:

Now that you have all sixteen items, you need to find Lebounde.

-- Lebounde is one lazy NPC! He is asleep ten-hours a day (7PM to 5AM), in his hut (top left circle, bottom left hut). You can not go in his hut (yet), so you have to wait until he wakes up and starts walking around. If he is up and about, use "Find" to locate him.

-- If he is walking, the hail does not always get him to stop, so try saying "work" and see if that will make him stop. Turn in all sixteen of the items to him for the achievement

-- He may give you a book called Scribbled Directions. You can destroy it, as it is just vague clues on locating the sixteen (16) items you just picked up and delivered to him.

Related Achievement: The Artisan's Wares.


14) GET THE QUESTS: You are now flagged so that Lebounde will offer you actual tasks.

He should offer you a supply quest for every tradeskill.

Hail Lebounde and say "Work" as many times as it takes to get all the quests he offers you (for the skills you can do).

These quests are basically the quests to acquire the Artisan's Seals that you will need for his "master" quest (The Artisan's Prize).

You should get at least nine (9) tasks: Baking Supplies; Brewing Supplies; Fishing Supplies; Fletching Supplies; Jewelcrafting Supplies; Pottery Supplies; Research Supplies; Smithing Supplies; & Tailoring Supplies.

If you have a specialty skills, you may as well get those too (Alchemy Supplies, Poisoncrafting Supplies and/or Tinkering Supplies).

He should also offer you another task called "The Artisan's Prize." This is the master quest. Get it!

-- It "appears" that you only need one (1) trophy at max level and one skill at 300. However, if you are like me, the challenge and fun comes from getting them all to level 7!

-- You can skip all the supply quests, but you will be dependent upon other players to get the Artisan Seals to hand in for the master quest!


15) SUPPLY TASKS: Now to craft the five (5) items he wants for each of the supply tasks, and hand them in.

These items do involve rare components that you may have to farm up.

Below is a list -- for every skill -- of the non-vendor items you will need for the combines and/or sub-combines for each task. I have also included where to find the items that are not sold in the Plane of Knowledge (everything else is vendor sold in the Plane of Knowledge, on the related tradeskill vendors).

-- Unless otherwise noted, you only need one (1) of the indicated items. However, you may want to get extra in the event of a failed combine!

-- If something is tradeable, you don't necessarily have to make it, you can acquire it from another player.

-- This is one time being a hoard rat can pay off. If you already have many of these needs or don't mind spending coin to buy these things, you can save a lot of time having to farm by buying them in Bazaar or from other players. Otherwise, at the very least, you can potentially get a lot of exploration achievements as you run about farming!


ALTERNATIVE: The Artisan Seals are tradeable. You will 100% have to get these seals, for the specialty skills that you don't have, from other players. However, as long as you were able to get the master quest (The Artisan's Prize), you can actually get every Seal from another player and avoid having to do any combines / farming at all (or the supply tasks listed below). In short, you may not have to do the supply tasks at all.














16) GRAND FINALE: Now for the grand finale!

Head back to Halas to find Lebounde.

After you have given him every (yes, all of them) Artisan Seal, hail him for an update and then head over to his hut (on the map it is the top left circle, lower left hut).

You will now be able to click the door of his hut and pop inside. Click around the nightstand and you will get a Transmutation Case. This is a combine device.

Equip at least one or as many trade skill trophies as you like.

Make sure there are no augs in them and put your Earring of the SolsticeEron's Jewelry and Signet of the Arcane (or the Signet of Might) in the Transmutation Case.

Say goodbye to three of your old trophy items and combine them! 

If you fail, you get them back. Try again.

Keep trying until you end up with an Expensive Mistake.

Find Lebounde again and give him the Expensive Mistake.

He will then give you The Artisan's Prize!

The first person that did this on each server also got a server wide message announcing their feat.

Related Achievement: The Artisan's Prize



The Artisan's prize is the best augmentation in the game. However, it is NOT max stats yet!

You must now work on getting your skills past 300 towards 350, to max out the augmentation (click the "Modified" / "Unmodified" button in the item window to see your actual statistics versus the maximum statistics)!

To do this, you must undertake yet another involved tradeskill journey of buying AA's and learning recipes!

This process is outlined here.


If you note any errors, misspellings, item name errors, misinformation or anything that needs addressing on this page -- PLEASE let me know via an in-game EQ Message (Bonzz on the Bertoxxulous server), or post on Bonzz's Discord Server!


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