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This quest set will flag you to be able to utilize the Magus NPC's to transport between Wayfarer camps.

It will also give you a charm augmentation, that you can progress up in stats. Once maxed out, you can trade it ion for a trophy version of the same aug.

RELATED ACHIEVEMENTS:  Wayfarer's Brotherhood Adventurer's Stone


ADVENTURER'S STONE: Charm Augmentation; Lore, Magic, No Drop; All/All; Weight 0.0; AC: 10; STR: 10; DEX: 10; STA: 10; CHA: 10; WIS: 10; INT: 10; AGI: 10; FIRE 10; DISEASE 10; COLD 10; MAGIC: 10; POISON 10; HP 100; MANA 100; NOTE: Stats shown are maximum stats.


WAYFARER'S BROTHERHOOD EMBLEM: Charm Augmentation; Lore, Magic, No Drop; All/All; Weight 0.0; AC: 10; STR: 10; DEX: 10; STA: 10; CHA: 10; WIS: 10; INT: 10; AGI: 10; FIRE 10; DISEASE 10; COLD 10; MAGIC: 10; POISON 10; HP 100; MANA 100.

STATUS: Verified and completed!



1) EXPANSION OWNED: You must have the Lost Dungeons of Norrath Expansion.

UPDATE: Starting with the Secrets of Faydwer expansion, all EverQuest expansions also include all of the previous expansions.


2) SELECT A ZONE: Start in your home town or one of the alternative zones (see below).

When you get to one of these zones, you 'should' get a message (emote) telling you what NPC to locate there (all of which are likely on 'Find').

If you do not get one, the NPC to talk to is:

Alternatively, you can also go to one of these locations (no matter what your hometown is):


3) TALK TO NPC: Find the related NPC and hail him/her.

Follow along and they will relay information to you that provides the answers that you will need later (step 4).

The NPC will eventually tell you to go find one (1) of five (5) NPC's at one (1) of the Wayfarer Camps.


4) SELECT AN NPC / ZONE: Head to any one of the NPC's you were told about.

The NPC's are in one of the Wayfarer Camps as follows:

·         CommonlandsBarstre Songweaver (/waypoint -1670 -110);

·         North Desert of RoRuanya Windleaf (/waypoint 7450 -950);

·         South Desert of Ro: Selphra Giztral (/waypoint 115, -290);

·         EverfrostTeria Grinntli (/waypoint 1865, -5025);

·         Butcherblock Mountains: Vual Stoutest (/waypoint -1125, -2500);

Next, hail the NPC and they will ask you a series of four (4) questions.

The answers, in order, are:

·         Adventures;

·         Favor Journal;

·         Morden Rasp;

·         Farstones.

Gratz! You should have received an Adventurer's Stone!

You can now utilize the various Wayfarer Magus’ to travel camp to camp (hail the Magus and they will tell you what zones they can send you to).


5) IMPROVING THE STATS: Gaining "more information" (as the NPC's call it) means successfully completing (winning) LDoN adventures and then hailing one of the previously named NPC's (see #3), in the camp related to the of LDoN adventures you have done (won).

You will then get a message that you have either learned more about the Wayfarers or that you need to learn more (win more adventures).

You "gain" information every two-plus (2+) LDoN wins, or so (you will see yellow text when you hail).

About every ten (10) wins or so, the NPC’s will tell you to go see yet another NPC or update you themselves. This is when you will get the actual stat increases on your aug.

Go find the NPC (you will be told which NPC to find) and hail that NPC to get your Aug stat increase.

The related NPC's are located as follows:

·         Bealya Tanilsua is in Commonlands;

·         Elwinn Prelilaen is in Lesser Faydark;

·         Deblik Grumblok is in Innothule Swamp;

·         Shumpi Wimahnn is in Highpass Hold;

·         Farwein Windrun is in South Ro;

·         Ginehl Wiquar is in West Freeport;

·         Henai Silentwalker is in Dagnor's Cauldron;

·         Niflel Faliwae is in Greater Faydark;

·         Ubzial Iyeaql is in Qeynos Hills;

·         Ruanya Windleaf is in Greater Faydark;

·         Selphra Giztral is in South Ro.

In order to max the stats on your aug, you will need to win the following number of adventures, in each given camp (a total of 366 Wins):

·         Deepest Guk (Southern Desert of Ro): 70 Wins;

·         Miragul's Menagerie (Everfrost): 68 Wins;

·         Mistmoore (Butcherblock): 76 Wins;

·         Rujarkian Hills (Commonlands): 74 Wins;

·         Takish' Hiz (Northern Desert of Ro): 78 Wins.


6) COMMONLANDS: You are looking for Chaenz Abella (Level 65) (in the tunnel).

If you have your Adventurer's Stone in your charm, you will need to remove it.

Simply hand it to him.

Or, if you destroyed it, just hailing him should suffice (if not, try saying, "I want my emblem").

This will award you the Wayfarer's Brotherhood Emblem!

NOTE: If you destroy this aug, you can get it back at anytime by coming back to see Chaenz.

NOTE: There is no difference between these two augs, except the name. The second version is simply a trophy version.


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