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This is actually a series of ten quests better known in order, as: Garadain's Blanket, Garadain's Axe; Garadain's Knife; Garadain's Smithed Knife; Garadain's Intercept Quest; Garadain's Proof; Garadain's Rescue; Garadain's War; Coldain Traitors; and the War on the Giants.

Each quest will net you a better and better version of a Coldain Ring.

These quests are combined into one big quest below -- to save time, effort and trouble.

This series involves a lot of items and a number of zones (all though the majority of concerns center in, or around, Eastern Wastes). It also involves killing a number of MOB's that may or may not require the assistance of other players -- depending on your level / gear.

Lastly, it involves trade skills.

When doing the quest(s) as listed below -- keep in mind the following:

·         Obtain items and complete tasks when you can, rather than waiting until you are at that step. Doing this WILL save you time, trouble, travel and aggravation in the long run. 

·         If you are more interested in saving time and trouble than with coin (platinum), peek in Bazaar and see if any of the items you need are on sale and buy them.

·         If your skill's aren't up to the trivial levels required (or you don't have the ability at all) -- and you have no interest in the spending the time, trouble and coin to increase them -- go ahead and start asking around to find people who do have the required skills and levels. While they may charge a fee for their services, you will have to have such services in order to complete this quest.

·         Faction hits are primarily increases to your Coldain and Dain Frostreaver, factions as well decreases in your Kromrif and Kromzek factions.

UPDATE: FEBRUARY 2019 PATCH:  "Several dialogue triggers are bracketed that weren't previously." "Fixed many minor bugs and typos." "Hand-ins for the Coldain ring quests can no longer be multiquested." "Key NPCs that are being protected or escorted are now flagged as PC Friendly. This applies to Boridain Glacierbane (2nd ring quest), Tain Hammerfrost (4th ring quest), Corbin Blackwell (7th ring quest), Gloradin Coldheart (8th ring quest), and Garadain Glacierbane (8th ring quest). Icefang (6th ring quest) was already set to friendly during its escort."


RING OF DAIN FROSTREAVER IV: Weight 0.1; 10 AC; 10 STR; 10 STA; 100 HP; 10 Magic; Lore; Magic; No Drop; All/All; Effect of Frostreaver's Blessing (increases 10 HP per 6 seconds, increases Damage Shield by 10, Increases Attack by 10 and lasts up to 1 hour).


STATUS: Completed and confirmed!



QUICK LINKS TO EACH RING: 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10



Garadain's Blanket

1) BAZAAR or EASTERN WASTES: You will need at least two (2) High Quality Cougarskins.

They are a pretty common drop off A Snow Cougar (Level 27 to 35), or perhaps you can find a player selling them in the Bazaar.

They are most easily found on the center areas of the Eastern Wastes.


2) BAZAAR or EASTERN WASTES: You will need at least two (2) High Quality Tundra Kodiak Pelts.

These drop off A Tundra Kodiak (found mostly in the middle areas of Eastern Wastes) (Level 27 to 34).

I discovered them to be somewhat uncommon. I found the best place to farm them is near and around Tain Hammerfrost (see Ring 4, Step 1, below).

Perhaps you can find a player selling them in the Bazaar.


3) ANYWHERE: Take the (2) High Quality Kodiak Pelts and the (2) High Quality Cougarskins and combine them in a Large Sewing Kit (or a loom) to make a Coldain Hunting Blanket (No Trade, Weight 1.0). (Tailoring trivial of 41).


4) EASTERN WASTES: Now you need to find Garadain Glacierbane (Level 42). He is in the area of n2687 n377, who is just northeast of the center of the zone (near the Ry'Gorr Orc fort).

Give the Coldain Hunting Blanket to Garadain Glacierbane and he will give you the Copper Coldain Insignia Ring (Weight 1.0; 1 AC; 1 STR; 1 Magic; No Drop; Lore; Magic; All/All), XP & Faction.

Now follow the conversation and Garadain will ask you to take his Dull Bladed Axe (2HS; Dmg 3; Delay 50; Weight 10.0, Magic, No Drop).

Hang on to it.




Garadain's Axe

1) EASTERN WASTES: Head to the area of p2446, p1544 to find Boridain Glacierbane (Level 22).

UPDATE: FEBRUARY 2019 PATCH:  "It's now necessary to have the Copper Coldain Insignia Ring to receive the Dull Bladed Axe from Garadain Glacierbane."

Give him the Dull Bladed Axe to trigger a sequence.

You will have to follow him about the zone and keep him alive.

He will even stop to take a rest, along the way (twice).

His path will take the following course: To the Gate of the nearby Giant Fort, down into the Frost Giant  /Orc holding area of the Prison, to the entrance of the Ry'Gorr fort and then back to his starting point. The MOB's you encounter can range from L25 to L50 and yes, feel free to kill ahead of him and clear the way!

The Rhino's did not seem to aggro him, but why risk it?

He walks and will often wait or help fight. I have done this twice (as of this typing) and did not encounter more than 3 or 4 Giants, 5 or 6 Orcs and 1 or 2 Dervishes!


2) EASTERN WASTES: Eventually, he will give up finding the Rabid Kodiak (Level 30 to 35) that he is looking for… only for it to spawn right behind him.

Be alert! Quickly aggro and kill the Rabid Kodiak.

Then relatively quickly (or all is lost), loot the Rabid Kodiak Skin (No Trade, Weight 4.0) and hand it to Boridain before he despawns (he tends to despawn in about a minute).

He will give you a Broken Axe (Magic, No Drop, Weight 10.0).


3) EASTERN WASTES: Now go back to Garadain Glacierbane and give him the Broken Axe and the Copper Coldain Insignia Ring.

He will give you a Silver Coldain Insignia Ring (Weight 0.0; 2 AC; 2 STR; 2 Magic; No Drop; Lore; Magic; All/All).

Now follow the conversation and Garadain will ask you to make him a Coldain Hunting Knife.




Garadain's Knife

1) BAZAAR or EASTERN WASTES: You need a High Quality Walrus Hide.

This drops off of A Walrus (Level 29). They can be found in the southwest area of Eastern Wastes, or perhaps you can find a player selling the hides in Bazaar.


2) EASTERN WASTES: You need a Skinning Rock (No Trade, Weight 0.1).

These are ground spawns and can readily be found all about the Eastern Wastes zone.

As you run around the zone, you can't help but see dark rock looking objects lying on the ground. Just pick one up!


3) BAZAAR or EASTERN WASTES: You will need a Wooly Rhino Horn.

This is looted off A Wooly Rhino (Level 35) in Eastern Wastes, or perhaps you can find a player selling them in the Bazaar.

Rhino's can be found in the area near the Iceclad Ocean bridge.


4) THURGADIN or PLANE OF KNOWLEDGE: Combine a Skinning Rock, a Wooly Rhino Horn and a High Quality Walrus Hide in a forge to make a Coldain Hunting Knife (All/All, Weight 1.0) (Blacksmithing trivial of 41).

This is a tradeable item, so perhaps you can find a player selling one in the Bazaar, rather than questing and making it yourself.


5) EASTERN WASTES: Return to Garadain Glacierbane and give him the Coldain Hunting Knife along with your Silver Coldain Insignia Ring.

He will now give you a Gold Coldain Insignia Ring (Weight 0.0; AC 3; STR 3; Magic 3; No Drop; Lore; Magic; All/All).

Now follow the conversation and Garadain Glacierbane will give you a Note for Tain (Weight 0.1) and ask you to bring him a Coldain Smithing Hammer.




Garadain's Smithed Knife

1) EASTERN WASTES: Head straight out from the Iceclad Ocean bridge.

UPDATE: FEBRUARY 2019 PATCH: "It's now necessary to have the Gold Coldain Insignia Ring to receive the Note to Tain from Garadain Glacierbane or to loot the Frozen Elixir. Tain Hammerfrost no longer drops the Note to Tain when killed. Handing the Note to Tain to Tain Hammerfrost now triggers the attack wave instead of one of his dialogues. The Note to Tain is now lore and no trade."

After you cross over the hill, you should be able to see Tain Hammerfrost. He will likely be lying on the ground, rather than standing up (area of n3575, n175).

Give Tain Hammerfrost the Note for Tain or simply hail him and then say, "Help?" Tain will de-spawn and immediately re-spawn (standing up), activating the sequence.

This will spawn four (4) giants just over the next hill (Level 45 to 50). They will be coming your way, so be ready! One of them is named Grhek Squatnot (Level 50). He is the one you must kill to loot the Frozen Elixir (Weight 0.1).

You must also keep Tain Hammerfrost alive.


2) EASTERN WASTES: Now give Tain Hammerfrost the Frozen Elixir and he will give you a Coldain Smithing Hammer (Weight 3.0).

NOTE:I tried to advance-quest (go out of sequence) and kill the Giants for the item ahead of time. When I went to Tain Hammerfrost, he would not take the elixir or the note. Therefore, it appears you must do this part of this task in sequence.

NOTE: The Coldain Smithing Hammer is also needed for the Aid Grimel task series, to make a Pure Enchanted Velium Bar. If you are also working on that series, you may want to divert to that quest before continuing here, as you will have to turn in the Coldain Smithing Hammer.  Or, you might at least make a few Pure Enchanted Velium Bar before continuing (that is what it is used for).


3) EASTERN WASTES: Return to Garadain Glacierbane and give him the Coldain Smithing Hammer and your Gold Coldain Insignia Ring.

He will now give you the Platinum Coldain Insignia Ring (Weight 1.0; AC 4; STR 4; Magic 4; No Drop; Lore; Magic; All/All).

Now follow the conversation and Garadain Glacierbane will ask you to get him the Ry'Gorr Invasion Plans (Weight 0.1).




Garadain's Intercept Quest

1) BAZAAR or EASTERN WASTES: You will need the Ry'Gorr Invasion Plans.

These drop off the Ry'Gorr Messenger (Level 25).

He spawns near the jail (around p416 n676) and runs to the Ry'Gorr fort (middle of zone).

You may be able to buy this in the Bazaar.

If you sit near the gates of the Ry'Gorr Fort, the Messenger will run by about every 60 minutes or so.


2) EASTERN WASTES: You might want some help with this one, particularly at lower levels.

UPDATE: FEBRUARY 2019 PATCH: "It's now necessary to have the Platinum Coldain Insignia Ring to hand in the Ry`Gorr Invasion Plans to a coldain lookout. Only someone who has handed in the Invasion Plans can loot the Head of Scarbrow."

Return to Garadain Glacierbane and talk to him. He will tell you to give the Ry'Gorr Invasion Plans to the nearby A Coldain Lookout (Level 34 to 39).

This will spawn an Orc invasion force (they spawn to the west, down the hill).

There will be three Ry'Gorr Invader (Level 43 to 46), three Ry'Gorr Oracle (Level 42 to 44) and an orc named Scarbrow Ga'Hruk (Level 47).

They will attack the Coldain camp (about seven Orcs total). The Coldain Dwarves will fight as well, but they will likely loose without your help.

Be sure to intercept Scarbrow Ga'Hruk before he gets near the dwarves so that they don't "kill steal" him from you (if you fail, just repeat from Step 1).

Once Scarbrow Ga'Hruk is dead, loot the Head of Scarbrow (Lore, No Drop, Weight 2.0).


3) EASTERN WASTES: Return to Garadain Glacierbane and give him the Head of Scarbrow and your Platinum Coldain Insignia Ring.

He will give you the Obsidian Coldain Insignia Ring (Weight 0.1; AC 5; STR 5; Magic 5; No Drop; Lore; Magic; All/All).

Now follow the conversation and Garadain Glacierbane will ask you to investigate the fate of a Coldain invasion force.




Garadain's Proof

1) EASTERN WASTES:  Go find Korrigan (an undead Coldain, Level 40 to 42), who is near some huts in the area of n7955 p3259.

He will not appear until night time (around 9 PM game time).

Hail him and he will ask you for some proof.

Give him your Obsidian Coldain Insignia Ring as proof (he will return it, thus this step is repeatable).

This will trigger the spawn of Icefang (L38 to L39), nearby.

He was amiable to me, but some on-line data suggest he might aggro and attack, depending on faction. If he does, loose aggro and keep your distance.


2) EASTERN WASTES: Icefang will soon make his way to the orc hut, just south of the Iceclad Ocean bridge.

He will not take a straight route and will make about 2 or 3 turns on the way. The only aggro I had was due to the players following Icefang. Contrary to what I have heard, it does not seem Icefang gets any aggro at all, except from orcs, once he is at the camp.

Once at the camp, six (6) Orcs will spawn, to include Ry'Gorr Oracle (Level 42 to 44) and Ry'Gorr Centurion (Level 31 to 34) and  Poxbreath Yellowfang (L46 to L47).

Poxbreath Yellowfang is your focus here.

The orcs will attack and kill Icefang. This is not an issue!

Once you kill Poxbreath Yellowfang, loot the Note from Kromrif (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.1).

UPDATE: FEBRUARY 2019 PATCH: "It's now necessary to have the Obsidian Coldain Insignia Ring to loot the Note from Kromrif."


3) EASTERN WASTES: You need loot Rodrick's Head (No Drop, Lore, Weight 0.3) and the Dirk of the Traitor (Lore; Magic; No Drop; Piercing; DMG 9; DLY 22; STR 4; AGI 4; DEX 4; POISON 10; Ranger, Bar, Rogue, Warrior; All Races; Weight 1.0; Effect of Rodrick's Gift… which can spin and stun you for up to 2 ticks).

Rodrick Tardok (Level 38 to 42) spawns outside the Ry'Gorr Fort near the Crystal Caverns portal (the exit tower).

The Ry'Gorr Emissary (Level 30 to 33) spawns first.

Do not kill the Ry'Gorr Emissary right away, because Rodrick Tardok should soon spawn beside him.

After Rodrick Tardok spawns (inside that tower), then the fight is on, to include the Ry'Gorr Emissary.

Once they are dead, loot the two (2) items (noted above) you will need (one on each MOB).

Rodrick Tardok spawns about every 15 to 30 minutes.


4) EASTERN WASTES: Return to Garadain and give him the Note from Kromrif, Rodrick's Head and your Obsidian Coldain Insignia Ring.

He will give you a Mithril Coldain Insignia Ring (Weight 0.1; AC 6; STR 6; Magic 6; No Drop; Lore; Magic; All/All).

Now follow the conversation and Garadain Glacierbane will ask you to rescue Corbin Blackwell.




Garadain's Rescue Quest

1) EASTERN WASTES: You need a Shackle Key (No Trade, Weight 0.1).

This can be looted off of Warden Bruke (Level 43) (in area of the "jail," p416 n676).

He is Magic Resistant, so you basically have to beat him down.


2) EASTERN WASTES: Corbin Blackwell (Level 41) is a prisoner in the jail area (in area of p416 n676).

Clear the area of and then give Corbin Blackwell the Shackle Key.

Then give him your Mithril Coldain Insignia Ring.

Corbin Blackwell will then return your Mithril Coldain Insignia Ring.


3) EASTERN WASTES: Corbin Blackwell will start walking off towards Dobbin Crossaxe and you must then follow him and keep him alive!

He will basically walk a straight line towards the Ulthorks and over the hill.

He will encounter Ry'Gorr Orc (Level 36 to 39), Ry'Gorr Basher (Level 38 to 40), Kromrif Soldier (Level 40 to 43) and Commander Bahreck (Level 45)… about 6 MOB's total.

WARNING: Whatever you do, do not show Corbin Blackwell your ring a second time, even if he asks!


4) EASTERN WASTES: After Corbin Blackwell goes inside the hut, give Dobbin Crossaxe (not Corbin Blackwell) your ring.

UPDATE: FEBRUARY 2019 PATCH: "Only someone who has handed in the Shackle Key and Mithril Coldain Insignia Ring to Corbin Blackwell can hand in the Mithril Coldain Insignia Ring to Dobbin Crossaxe."

You will get a Note from Corbin (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.1) (he will keep the ring).


5) EASTERN WASTES: Return to Garadain and give him the Note from Corbin.

He will then give you the Adamantium Coldain Insignia Ring (Weight 1.0; AC 7; STR 7; Magic 7; No Drop; Lore; Magic; All/All).

Now follow the conversation and Garadain Glacierbane will offer you some Marching Orders (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.1), in trade for the ring that you just got.

When ready, go ahead and make the trade.




Garadain's War

1) EASTERN WASTES: You may need a group for this one.

 Give the Marching Orders to Gloradin Coldheart (Level 40), in the hut next to Garadain Glacierbane's hut.

NOTE: Gloradin Coldheart may not be up. You will need Gloradin Coldheart up to do this!

 This activates the sequence and the battle must be won, or all is lost (back to the first ring)!

Garadain Glacierbane will lead you into the fray after a bit of pomp and circumstance. You do not have to wait on him.

There will be a host of A Ry'Gorr Orc (Level 36 to 39) as well as Kromrif Soldier (Level 40 to 43) that spawn!

When I did this sequence, the MOB's did not spawn until Garadain Glacierbane starting walking.


2) EASTERN WASTES: You must now go kill Chief Ry'Gorr (Level 45) and loot Chief Ry'Gorr's Head, at the Ry'Gorr fort.  

NOTE: The Chief Ry'Gorr only drops his head during this triggered event. Spawning him any other way will NOT gain you his head!

UPDATE: FEBRUARY 2019 PATCH: "Only someone who has handed in the Adamantium Coldain Insignia Ring to Garadain Glacierbane can loot Chief Ry`Gorr's Head. Garadain Glacierbane now stays up after the attack on the Ry`Gorr fort much longer. Handing in Chief Ry`Gorr's Head to Garadain Glacierbane no longer despawns Garadain Glacierbane."

T here will be about 30 Orcs / Giants, to include some named, of varying levels and it can be a big fight, particularly at lower levels.

Chief Ry'Gorr will still be in the Ry'Gorr fort, but instead of being at his throne room, he will be just inside the gates, behind his forces and accompanied by other MOB's.

Using invisible can get you safely inside the fort. I safely went in and to the right, where there were no MOB's. I was able to pacify the MOB's with Chief Ry'Gorr and single pull him. He will run, so be sure to root him once he is under 20% health.


3) EASTERN WASTES: Return (use invisible to get back out of the fort) and give Garadain Glacierbane the Chief Ry'Gorr's Head.

He will give you a Velium Coldain Insignia Ring (Weight 1.0; AC 8; STR 8; Magic 8; No Drop; Lore; Magic; All/All; Effect: Shield of the Eighth… which adds 8 to Damage Shield and lasts up to an hour… and it can stack with other damage shields). 

WARNINGGaradain Glacierbane will NOT accept the head and give you the ring unless the sequence is still active. Afterwards, he will refuse the head. So do it NOW!




Coldain Traitors

1) GREAT DIVIDE: You need to kill Murdrick Tardok (Level 50) (he is in a cave in the area of n5580 p3530, north of Velketor's Labyrinth).

He has a number of other dwarves with him that will aggro as well.

Once he is dead, loot Murdrick's Head (No Drop, Weight 0.1) and Murdrick's Plan (aka "Recipe for Tainted Avalanche Ale" -- as it is sometimes erroneously called) (No Drop, Weight 0.1).

NOTE: The Murdrick's Plan is not a required/necessary item. It is just a recipe.


2) GREAT DIVIDE: You must now make a Tainted Avalanche Ale.

Here is the somewhat complicated recipe and the trivials involved!

Keep in mind, you may be able to buy many of the non-Merchant ingredients from other players, to save time and trouble.

Tainted Avalanche Ale (Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 0.0) (Trivial with a Brewing of 248).

·         Bottle (Weight 0.1) (sold by most any brew merchant);

·         Iceball (Magic; DMG 2; DLY 20; Range 40; 1HB or Range; All/All; Weight 0.5); It drops off the dervishes in Eastern Wastes;

·         Ice Wyvern Stinger (Magic, No Drop, Weight 0.1); Found in Cobalt Scar, it drops off of Wyverns (L38 to L42);

·         Arctic Mussels (Weight 0.5); Foraged most anywhere on Velious; or perhaps you can find a player selling it in the Bazaar;

·         Seahorse Scales (Weight 0.1), They drop off various types of Seahorses (Level 39 to L51) in Kedge Keep, or perhaps you can find a player selling one in the Bazaar;

·         Runed Seashell (Cloud) (Magic; 1 Cast of Cloud -- which increases AC by 10 -- All/All;' Weight 0.2); This drops off a Siren Enticer (L49 to L55) or a Siren Seductress (L49 to L54) in Siren's Grotto; Or perhaps you can find a player selling it in the Bazaar;

·         Mind Melt (Weight 0.2) (trivial with a Poison Making skill of 332 in a Mortar and Pestle, which can be store bought in PoK or Thurgadin); As a Paladin, you will have to hire/obtain the services of a Poison Maker (Rogue) for this;

o        Sealed Poison Vial (Weight 0.1); Sold by Ciren Darkbog (Level 60) or Loran Thu`Leth (Level 60) in the Plane of Knowledge;

o        Ethereal Suspension (Weight 0.0); Sold by Ciren Darkbog (Level 60) or Loran Thu`Leth (Level 60) in the Plane of Knowledge;

o        Two (2) Mt. Death Mineral Salts (Weight 0.1); Random and somewhat regular drop in the Temple of Droga and nearby zones; Or perhaps you can find them on sale in Bazaar;

o        Quicksilver (Weight 0.0) (Poison Making skill, Trivial 15); You will need the assistance of a Rogue;

§         Cinnabar (Weight 2.0); Can be purchased only from Myre in Kaladim, or perhaps you can find a player selling it in Bazaar;

§         Gnomish Spirits (Weight 0.4); Sold by several vendors in the Plane of Knowledge;

NOTE: If, at any point you fail one of the following steps for the 9th Ring, you can come back and repeat this step and start over from here.


3) EASTERN WASTES: Find Captain Berradin (Level 43 to 44) (a Dwarf).

He is located in the dwarf huts in the area of n100 p2400 (basically north of the Giant Fort), surrounded by four bodyguards.

Give him the Tainted Avalanche Ale.

Now this next part is very important... in a short time, Captain Berradin will do a funky dance (seriously, he will).

He will then despawn and respawn lying on the ground.


You MUST wait until he appears lying on the ground to attack him.

If you don't, he will not drop the items you need and you will have to make another Tainted Avalanche Ale to try again.

After you give him the Tainted Avalanche Ale, you can, however, go ahead and address the bodyguards, if you like.

The guards are Bodyguard Marganel, Bodyguard Nergan, Bodyguard Persevil and Bodyguard Stoneberg (all level 50).

You need to loot Berradin's Head (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.1) and the Note to Peffin (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.0).


4) EASTERN WASTES: Find Peffin Ambersnow (Level 55) (a Dwarf), who is inside the Giant Fort.

She is invisible, so you will need to be able to "see invisible" to locate her. She is inside the right hand building as you go in the fort, on the right wall, standing behind a giant.

Give her the Note to Peffin. This will cause her to despawn. She will reappear (or run) outside the building she is in, to the bottom of the hill (still inside the fort walls, however).

Three (3) A Kromrif Elite (Level 50-ish) (they see invisible, summon and will not root) will spawn in the hut, so be ready.

You need to kill them relatively quickly, as Peffin will despawn within 10-minutes if you do not attack and kill her.

Peffin will also have five (5) A Kromrif Elite guards around her at the campfire. Unlike the first three giants, these are rooted in place and will not move or chase you.

Once she is dead, loot Peffin's Head (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.1) and the Note to Doldigun (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.1).


5) KAEL DRAKKAL: At lower levels, you may want to go with a group.

You need to go to the area of n850 p1150, sometimes called the "Throne" (which is deceiving).

From Eastern Wastes, this location is down and to the left… the opposite side of the zone from the arena.  Once there, clear the area and hop up on the throne.

Then say, "The Dain shall be slain for the peace we must obtain."

Yes, this line is just spoken (/say) (no target).

This will spawn Doldigun Steinwielder (Level 60, who will appear on the throne, in the area of n800 p1150).


 6) KAEL DRAKKAL: Give him the Note to Doldigun and he will give you the Ring of the Coldain Council (Magic, Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 0.0).


7) KAEL DRAKKAL: Now attack Doldigun Steinwielder.

He will immediately disappear after shouting for help.

This will spawn four (4) waves of Giants as follows:

·         Kromzog Zekkin (Level 48) and Grondon Zekkin (Level 48-ish);

·         Zlirron Windchill (Level 54) and Vinric Thunderclap (Level 54-ish);

·         Khalerogg Dorfenbane (Level 55);

·         Valorankt Zekkin (Level 60).

Kill the giants and Doldigun Steinwielder  will spawn again. This time you will be able to attack and kill him.

You need to loot Doldigun's Head (Lore, No Drop, Weight 0.1).


8) ICEWELL KEEP: Give Councilor Juliah Lockheart (Level 60) the Ring of the Coldain Council.

She will despawn / respawn and you will then need to kill her.

The other Dwarf's will not aggro.

Loot Juliah's Head (Lore, No Drop, Weight 1.0). 


9) ICEWELL KEEP: Be sure you have a bag slot open before you do this step!

Seneschal Aldikar (Level 65) is in the same room, by the throne.

Give him your Velium Coldain Insignia Ring.

He will tell you to follow him, so follow him to his room, close the door and respond accordingly.

He will give you a Traitor's Bane Box (Lore, No Drop, Weight 2.0. 6-Slot medium, 0% Weight Reduction) to collect the heads of traitors in.

NOTE: If he does not give you the box, he should be back at the throne room by 9 AM game time. When he is, just say to him, "I will accept this task."


10) ICEWELL KEEP: Take the Dirk of the Traitor; Murdrick's Head; Captain Barredin's Head; Juliah's Head; Peffin's Head; and Doldigun's Head; put them in the Traitor's Bane Box; and hit the combine button to get the Box of the Guilty (Lore, No Drop, Weight 2.0).


11) ICEWELL KEEP: Now find Dain Frostweaver IV (Level 70). If he is not by the throne, look behind the curtain.

Now give the Box of the Guilty to Dain Frostweaver IV and he will give you the Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring (Weight 1.0; 9AC; 9 STR; 9 STA; 50 HP; 9 Magic; Lore; Magic; No Drop; All/All; Effect of Shield of the Eighth -- which increases Damage Shield by 8).

He will also give you the Dirk of the Dain (Lore, No Drop, Magic, Piercing, Primary/Secondary, Damage 9, Bonus 11, Delay 20, STR 5, DEX 5, AGI 5, Poison 5, Effect Frost Strike, Weight 1.0, WAR PAL BRD ROG BST, All Races).

You will need this for the last ring, so keep it.




War on the Giants aka Coldain Ring War

1) ICEWELL KEEP: You MUST have high faction with Dain Frostreaver IV (Level 70). It is said that you must have at least "warmly" faction with him.

Despite your level, I do strongly recommend you have some help. The more the better, so that absolutely no giants manage to sneak by. This is because of the wide area and the great number of MOB's that will be involved in this war and it is truly a war! At the very minimum, I suggest you have a tracker (discussed later).

Anyway… you need to find Dain Frostreaver IV (behind his throne, behind the curtain).

Give him your Dirk of the Dain (he gives it back).

Then say to him, "You can count on my help."

He will give you a Declaration of War (Lore, No Drop, Weight: 0.1).


2) THE GREAT DIVIDE: Find Sentry Badain (Level 55). He is in the Guard Tower near the Thurgadin zone (to the right of the river, as you head south).

Give Sentry Badain the Declaration of War.

He will despawn and soon respawn (within a minute) and tell you to follow him, so follow him!

He will lead you back towards Thurgadin (at the bend in the river) where you see a number of familiar NPC’s to include Seneschal Aldikar, Dobbin Crossaxe, Corbin Blackwell, Kargin the Archer, Churn the Axeman, Zrelik the Scout and Garadain Glacierbane (all Level 42 to 55).

There will be some banter and Sentry Badain will be dismissed. He will walk off towards Thurgadin and despawn.

Seneschal Aldikar will ask to see your Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring. Give it to him (he will give it back).


3) THE GREAT DIVIDE: If you paid attention to the conversation among the NPC's you were told to give the orders to Zrelik the Scout... so hand them over.

WARNING: This step will start the War. It will respawn the zone! Be sure you have the hot keys set up in advance, as noted below.

He will give you Orders of Engagement (No Trade, Weight 0.1) and he will now follow you.

Basically, you need to set up five (5) hot keys to turn off attack (/attack off), pause a second (/pause 10), target Zrelik (/tar Zrelik) and then say (/say) one of the follow things, in order to call one of the NPC's and their forces into action (or all of them in the action, in the case of the first command):

·         For the Dain, attack!

·         Dobbin assist me!

·         Churn protect me!

·         Corbin, attack!

·         Garadain to my side!

The zone respawns with a host of dwarves at various locations (Royal Archer, Royal Cleric, Royal Axeman… all level 40), along with the NPC’s all ready involved.

Also, you will note Kromrif Spearman (Level 52). While you can engage and kill them, don’t! They are perma-rooted and they summon. Killing them can be detrimental, especially if they summon you and other giants get loose and run for Thurgadin... and you can't get after them from being summoned (which can mean a loss)!

UPDATE: At Level 85+, you can pretty much ignore giving any commands and just kill every giant you see. The dwarves will engage giants that come near them, but you can easily kill the giants.


4) THE WAR BEGINS: Here is where I strongly recommend you have the aide of a tracker and preferably a Ranger.

The basic strategy I suggest is that you stand guard at the mouth of the river near Thurgadin, while the ranger tracks the spawns and uses AoE root to engage and kill them. If any get by the Ranger, you need to be alert and intercept them (do not let them get past you). This strategy worked extremely well at Level 85.

!!NOTE!!: Be forewarned, despite the ease of killing the MOB’s, the event is set up on a timer sequence and it will take you about two (2) hours to complete this event!

Basically, you will now be faced with three phases of attackers (in five to seven waves per phase), as follows:

Each wave will have one of two types of waves that encompass the following MOB's:

            PHASE ONE:

·         Kromrif Captain (Level 52), (8) Kromrif Recruit (Level 46 to 48) and (2) (Cleric ) (Level 45);

·         (6) Kromrif Recruit (Level 46 to 48) and (2) (Cleric) (Level 45)


·         Kromrif General (Level 57), (8) Kromrif Warrior (Level 50 to 53) and (2) Priest of Zek (Level 53);

·         (6) Kromrif Warrior (Level 50 to 53) and (2) Priest of Zek (Level 53).


·         Kromrif Warlord (Level 58), (8) Kromrif Veteran (Level 56 to 57) and (2) High Priest of Zek (Level 56);

·         (6) Kromrif Veteran (Level 56 to 57) and (2) High Priest of Zek (Level 56).

The waves can come from the west (the spires), the south (the caves) or the east (dragon ring).

NOTE: Seneschal Aldikar is the only dwarf that must survive this event, as it is he who gives you the final ring! However, if the other named dwarves also survive, you can get bonus items (noted below)!


5) THE GREAT DIVIDE: After successfully fending off all the waves of attackers, you still need to kill Narandi the Wretched (Level 65).  

He will spawn alone, as the last wave of the third phase. Kill him ASAP!

UPDATE: FEBRUARY 2019 PATCH: "Only someone who has handed in the Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring and the Declaration of War to Sentry Badain can loot Narandi's Head."

Once he is dead, you need to loot the Head of Narandi (Lore, No Trade, Temporary, Weight 2.0).

He also drops Narandi's Lance (2HP, 45 Delay, 44 Damage, 8 AC, 8 STR, 8 STA 8 WIS, 8 INT, 30 HP, 30 MANA, 10 DIS, Weight 3.5, Proc: Boiling Blood).

I find it humorous that his head is No Rent! Did someone have to "summon" a head for him?


6) THE GREAT DIVIDE: Head back to Seneschal Aldikar, who is now back at the camp near Thurgadin, by the river.

Give him Narandi's Head and your Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring.

He will give you the Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV and a Shorn Head of Narandi (Lore, No Trade, Temporary, Weight 2.0).

He will then run off towards Thurgadin and despawn.


7) THE GREAT DIVIDE: But wait! There's more!

The other dwarves are still at the camp (if they survived)!

You can give the Shorn Head of Narandi to each of them. They will each give it back, along with an additional item, and then run off to Thurgadin and despawn.

They will give you the following items (they are all tradeable):

Dobbin Crossaxe: Faceguard of Bentos the Hero (Magic, Lore, Weight 1.0; 10 AC, 10 STR, 10 STA, 10 HP, 10 DIS, 10 POISON; Click Effect: See Invisible).

Corbin Blackwell: Earring of the Frozen Skull (Magic, Lore, Weight 0.1; 4 AC, 40 MANA, 4 DIS, 4 FIRE, 4 COLD, 4 MAGIC, 4 POISON; 4 charges of Divine Aura).

Kargin the Archer: Eye of Narandi (Magic, Lore, Weight 2.0; 4 AC, 4 STR, 4 DEX, 4 STA, 4 AGI, 40 HP, 40 MANA, 40 END; Click effect: Creeping Vision, which magnifies your view).

Churn the Axeman: Crown of Narandi (Magic, Lore, Weight 3.0; 25 AC, 8 STR, 8 DEX, 8 STA, 8 INT, 8 AGI, 50 HP, 50 MANA, 4 FIRE, 4 DIS, 4 COLD, 4 MAGIC, 4 POISON, 2 Mana Regen).

Garadain Glacierbane: Choker of the Wretched (Magic, Lore, Weight 0.1; 8 AC, 8 AC, 8 WIS, 8 INT, 40 HP, 40 MANA, 1 Mana Regen).


8) ICEWELL KEEP: But wait, there is still more!

Now go back to Dain Frostreaver IV. Give him your Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV.

He will give your ring back along with the Protection of the Dain (Lore, Magic, No Drop, Weight 0.1, Effect: 1 Charge of Divine Aura)!

NOTE: As long as you maintain "ally" faction with the Dain Dwarves, you can get a new Protection of the Dain forever.

Once you use the charge of Divine Aura from Protection of the Dain, simply destroy the now useless Protection of the Dain. Then go back to Dain Frostreaver IV, give him your Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV and he will give the ring back along with a new Protection of the Dain.

WARNING: If you do not have "ally" faction and try this, Dain Frostreaver IV will reportedly keep your Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV!



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